A Day in the Life of a Porcelain Princess

My Thoughts on Turning 19.

It’s crazy to think that when I started this blog I was sixteen about to turn seventeen. Here I am, spending yet another year on Porcelain Princess. Although 19 is not exactly a “landmark’ birthday, I intend on filling this year with productivity and positivity.



Making this year important, I’m choosing 3 topics for this years resolutions. The first one has to do with school. I’m starting college in about a week, so I would like to push myself to get out of my comfort zone. I’m attending a conservatory that offers so many opportunities in the entertainment business and it would be silly of me to hold myself back. I’m going to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone when meeting new people, being the first to sign up for things, etc.

My next resolution has to do with actual relationships. I want to continue to grow and build healthy relationships with the people in my life. Along with the previous goal, I would like to step outside of my bubble and make new friends. I love the friends that I have, but I’ve been in the same mix for the past four years and it’d be nice to meet someone new.


My last resolution has to do with new opportunities and importance. Not only do I want to put a lot of my focus into relationships and my career, I would like to put more effort into the blog. This has been a major creative outlet for me for the past two years and I would to really work hard to improve the quality AND quantity of the posts. I want to post on a schedule, have a strong team, and start a little community here on the page!


19 really doesn’t speak to me the way 17 (or 18) did. 19, to me, is cross between 18 part two or “I’m about to turn 20.” I was actually talking to a teacher I had a few years ago and I didn’t even say that I was 19. I said “Yeah, I’m almost 20.” 19 feels like a crossroads, not an actual year. It feels confusing and pointless. My goal is to work so hard that I prove myself wrong. Maybe 19 is a useful year. That’s what I would like it to become. I want 19 to become a landmark year, just like the others.

Have a happy Friday!

You’re a Cute Little Strawberry!


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