Out with the Old. In with the New.

Porcelain Princess   porcelain


Did anyone notice the new theme! Ah! I’m so excited for this year for Porcelain Princess! Lots of new things I’m planning on doing. I already have a bunch of posts planned. Feel free to leave ideas or things you would like to see up on the blah-g and I’ll be sure to cover it! 

I started Porcelain Princess in the fall of 2016, so I decided it needed a bit of an upgrade. Including the iconic icon (;



   I am currently looking for a brand new modeling team to start the year off! I’ve changed some criteria and ideas as far as what I want in my new models. This means; more look-books, better quality, etc.

         I want to try to put out a look book once a month. I’ve done a few in the past around fall time, but I would like to show more styles for each season.

         I am now posting EVERY FRIDAY. Yay! An actual schedule!

Lastly, I do have several ideas as far as the actual posts go, but those are surprises. (;



12  7  19


For this year’s modeling team, I’m looking for 8 models instead of 6! I need 4 boys and 4 girls. Like I said, we’ll be having monthly photo-shoots. Not only does this build your modeling portfolio, you could make a close group of friends from this experience!


*Needs a Flexible Schedule

*Easy to Work With

*DFW Area

*Ages 15-19


*Repost casting call “flyer” to Instagram or Snapchat story and tag @Mari_Cait

*Send headshot and fullbody shot to Porcelainprincesss1@gmail.com








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