Breakfast at Mary’s

   Rise and shine, little strawberries! Long time, no see. What better way to catch up with an old friend than over brunch? Munching on madeleines, sipping on champagne flutes, and hot tea. More importantly… spilling it. 


   As I continue to channel my inner Blair Waldorf, I thought it was very appropriate to begin holding (relatively) monthly brunches. Headbands and pea coats simply weren’t enough. So, I put my china to good use and began planning.


Types of teas to gather:

Earl Grey





Mason Jar Lid Pies:



   Decor is rather easy to put together, as long as you have a particular theme or color scheme to stick to. As for me, I usually go with a “vintage-y”, european style.  I chose a lot of floral and a few simple white pieces to tie things together. 

Doilies are not only cute but keep the table from getting messy with drips from each cup.



Tea Sandwiches (Cream cheese, dill, cucumber, sour dough bread)

Eggs (

French Toast

Cheese and bread finger foods



Cheesecake bites (


Mason jar lid pies


Set Up:

   The primary things to be focused on are making sure everything has it’s place and when certain things need to be placed. Decor can typically be laid out first, the morning of. Finger foods come second, an hour or so before the brunch begins. As for hot foods and beverages, those come very last. Especially your tea and coffee. As the host, you should be the designated “pourer” and making new batches of tea when you run out.


Brunch is now served.

Yours truly,


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